What if regular things, which are owned by ordinary people, have the capacity to perform remarkable feats? Because to the existence of artifacts that hold extraordinary powers, things that were once thought impossible are now entirely feasible. Kang Gon, a prosecutor who cannot tolerate unfairness, examines supernatural occurrences in his free time. It is imperative that he keeps looking into the matter so that he might save his cousin, whom he cares deeply about. Thankfully, Shin So Young, a clever coworker, is able to assist Kang Gon while he is attempting to save his cousin. Shin So Young. Even while she is there at the horrifying crime scene, she maintains her composure, continues to demonstrate her expertise, and makes quick decisions. The team is up against folks who are conscious of the potential power and peril posed by these things. One of them is a man named Jo Se Hwang, who possesses both authority and position in the community. On the surface, he gives off the impression of being a prosperous and forward-thinking businessman; yet, he is actually a sociopath who relishes the destruction that he causes. He has the intention of putting these lethal instruments into the hands of others so that he might murder them as he sees fit. It is going to be a long and arduous journey for Kang Gon and So Young, despite the fact that there are people who can assist them in unraveling the mysteries behind these things.
Duration: 35 min
Country: South Korea
Production: MBC

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