Weathering with You

Weathering with You

At the moment, rain showers are lashing Tokyo, causing havoc with the city's normal rhythms. When Hodaka Morishima, a runaway high school student struggling to make ends meet, shows up in the midst of this apparently endless downpour, he gets a work at a tiny publishing. Orphaned Hina Amano also tries to find a job to support herself and her younger brother at the same time. With Hina in danger, Hodaka decides to flee away with her to escape the nefarious individuals who have kidnapped her. Hodaka later realizes that Hina has a unique ability: she can summon the sun whenever she wishes. Hodaka sees the possibility of this skill in light of Tokyo's peculiar weather. As a "sunshine girl," he says, Hina should clear the skies for those in need. At first, everything seems to be going their way. Because power usually comes at a price, it's well-known

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